Top Tips for Hiring a Tribute Act

The festive party season is well underway, a fact that means many people’s calendars are jam packed with social events. As well as the office Christmas party to look forward to, festive celebrations with family and friends, plus the iconic New Year’s Eve party, will all be keeping us occupied. Whilst guests attending such celebrations will be busily planning their party outfits, those organising the events have their own list of to-dos to work through. No festive shindig would be complete without the right entertainment, and these days your options extend far beyond the hiring of a DJ.

The tribute act is an excellent choice for those looking to get the party started amongst work colleagues, family members and friends. With the sheer number of tribute acts advertising their services however, finding the perfect act for your event isn’t always easy. Here we share our top tips for hiring the perfect tribute act for your party and your budget…

Know your audience

There are many factors that must be considered before beginning your search for a tribute act. Whilst you’ll be certain to know your likes and dislikes, considering your guests’ interests is of course important. The possibilities are endless when searching online for a tribute act, but knowing your audience and their preferences will help you narrow down potential bands and acts with confidence.

In addition to knowing your audience’s interests and nailing down your budget in advance, understanding what part your hired act will play in your party schedule is also vital. Whether you’re looking for an act that will be your headline artist and the ‘star of your show’ or want the tribute act to play a smaller role in your event programme, you need to find a tribute act that suits your needs.

Do your research

The net makes finding a high quality act so much easier, and even those looking for late availability artists as last minute bookings for their Christmas or New Year party won’t be disappointed when searching online. Conducting thorough research on your shortlisted acts is also quick and easy. You’ll be able to view videos of their performances as well as read reviews from previous customers. To make your search even simpler, make sure you use the best resources to narrow down potential acts. Valcato Entertainment is a great website for sourcing and hiring tribute acts for example.

Put it in writing

Once you’ve shortlisted your acts and found the perfect one for your party, the work doesn’t end there. Make sure you put down what you expect in writing to ensure both parties, and your party guests, are satisfied with the service you receive on the night itself. This contract should cover a number of points, including the start time, end time and agreed fee for the performance plus any other arrangements you wish to make with your chosen act. Don’t forget to state your terms of payment in this contract, declaring not just the agreed fee but how and when it will be paid. Most pay in cash or by bank transfer before or after the performance, whilst others prefer to pay in instalments.

Whether you’re hosting the event at your premises or another venue, you may want to take out liability insurance. This cover will ensure you’re fully protected financially from any unexpected events and associated unexplained added costs, such as those that arise as a result of damage to the artist’s musical instruments. You should also hire a tribute act that has public liability insurance in place for complete coverage.

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