Promoting Live Music Events

With winter coming to a close, and spring and summer on their way, the festival circuit is buzzing with rumoured line-ups. In the UK, we are after all lucky to have a diverse music scene, and 2019 brings a flurry of fantastic live music events. More people are attending live gigs than ever before. At last count, those attending concerts and festivals were at an all-time high with the total audience increasing by 12% to 30.9 million and adding £4 billion to the UK economy. With increased demand comes a greater range of gigs, concerts and festivals, but with so much to choose from, how can you ensure music lovers attend your live event?

Working with the artists at the heart of these live music gigs is the key to achieving sell-out success and standing out from the crowd in an industry that’s noisy in more ways than one. Read on to discover our top tips for promoting live music events with a little help from your artist…

Take a hint from the talent

Whilst it’s tempting to create the marketing plan that will help to promote your event to all the right people straightaway, meeting with the artist and their management before you devise a strategy is important. Use this initial meeting to outline the aims that they have for the live music event. By aligning your objectives with theirs you can create a collaborative marketing campaign that is beneficial for all involved.
Don’t be afraid to ask for their input to help promote your event too. Artists and the professionals representing them are creative people so use their skills well. Aligning your event with other topical, big name events can also make a difference. The now sold out Spice Girls Pizza and Unlimited Prosecco Party is just one example of this tactic and the success it can guarantee.

Merge advertising and artist

Again artist collaboration is essential here. With input from the talent, you can deliver an advertising experience for your live event that really connects with its target audience.

If the artist is particularly active in the media as your event approaches, use their schedule to your advantage. Artists with several live music events dates in the pipeline – take all-star brass band Old Dirty Brasstards who are playing their much-anticipated reimagining of the Arctic Monkey’s debut album in Manchester and Sheffield this month – are likely to have various local press appearances lined up too. Make sure they are clued up on the details of your music event so they can spread the word further. Live-to-air radio performances, social media announcements, interviews and album signings are all great advertising, and they’ll boost conversion and increase ticket sales no-end.

Social media unlocks a number of particularly powerful advertising opportunities. Using the trust and rapport you built during that initial meeting with your artist and their management, you can get closer to fans than ever before across all your favourite social media networks. Request advertising access on Facebook to connect with fans directly through the artist’s Facebook page.

Make video work for you

Making your advertising campaign as multimedia enhanced as you can will certainly stand you in good stead for pushing your event to all the right audiences. By creating video content to promote your event you can distribute it across your social media channels to engage with potential ticket buyers.
Artist participation is invaluable. Ask them to make a short video (we’re talking literally 15 to 30 seconds) to announce the event to their fans, being sure to include where they can purchase tickets from.

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