A Day In The Life: Creative Edition

Did you miss me? I know I’ve certainly missed writing my ramblings down to our online audience. The blogs are back, normal service has resumed and order has been restored. And what better way to welcome you back than with the latest installment of our ‘A Day In The Life’ series with Vicky, our ever […]

Valcato Take Pride In PRIDE

Here at Valcato, we take pride in PRIDE. As LGBTQ+ allies, we support and accepts equal civil rights, gender equality, and LGBTQ+ social movements. This blog is in no way designed to lift ourselves up; we are here to lift up the LGBTQ+ community and help spread some awareness to our readers. I’d also like to […]

Playlist or Performance: Which Is Better?

A lot of my non-performer friends find it baffling how much money people are prepared to spend on live music at their events. I like to politely remind them that I (and many others in the industry) have endless gratitude to everyone who invests into live entertainment – it keeps us in work, doing something […]

Sustainable Music Events

In light of last week’s ‘World Earth Day’, it sparked me off on a trail of looking into sustainability within the entertainment industry.  If you’ve watched Sir David Attenborough’s latest documentary, ‘A Life On Our Planet’ (if you haven’t, you should), then you’ll know all too well that we must make a change, as humans, […]

Happy Easter: From Valcato

First of all – Happy Easter folks! I hope you got that Easter Egg from your friend/partner/parents that you’ve been eyeing up for weeks in the supermarket during your weekly shop. I’m ditching the usual entertainment blog this week for something a little different, and what better to focus on than Easter, and chocolate.  But […]

International Women’s Day

#BreakTheBias – this year’s incredible theme for International Women’s Day which falls on Tuesday 8th March.

Music History & World Radio Day

Happy Sunday folks.. Or Monday, Tuesday – whichever day you’ve honoured me by sparing 10 minutes from your busy schedule to read through my scribblings. I wanted to dig deep this week on the history of music, which has helped shape our beloved industry today and it just so happens to coincide with World Radio […]

Throwing It Back To The 90s

Get ready to be transported back to the 90’s – the decade may be gone, but it’s anything but forgotten. I’m talking Tamagotchis, The Fresh Prince and the unforgettable dial up internet – yes, I know that beeping sound is going round your head now. Here are some nostalgic notions to unlock the memory bank […]

Are Tribute Acts Actually Good?

Kicking off 2022 (and my first Valcato blog post) I thought I’d explore this question as it’s something, being a performer myself, I get asked a lot. For those not in the industry (and even some within), the concept of a tribute act is a strange one. “What, so you get paid to pretend to […]