Valcato Entertainment: Our Acts

Hello all! You may have noticed an absence from the posts last week… We’re cutting down the blogs to every fortnight to ensure the best, most entertaining content can be given to you all. With our 2022 season hotting up, time is being reprioritised to other areas of the business; like, our acts! So, it […]

Valcato Studios: Open For Business

Looking to hire space in Staffordshire for your next meeting, audition or rehearsal? Or fancy updating your showreel?  Well, the day we thought would never come has arrived… After many months of hard work, we’re proud to announce our studio is now available for private hire to the public! Since moving into the unit, there […]

Case Study: Golden Sands Holiday Park

It’s Case Study time! Well, I mean the last (and only) time I wrote one was in GCSE Science on the topic of badger culling, so it might not follow the ‘traditional’ format of a case study… But it’ll certainly be a great read, on how Valcato installed not just one, but two of our […]

The World Of A/V & Streaming

This week we’re onto a topic that, admittedly, I was a little less than clueless on until my interview with the tech wizard himself – Mr Jay Everall, Valcato’s Technical/AV Project Manager.  I managed to snatch an interview this week, in and amongst his busy schedule, to unlock the key to the Live Streaming and […]

Valcato’s Bespoke Productions

I’m back, but this week with something a little different (cue the suspense music)… I wanted to delve into Valcato’s ‘Bespoke Production’ service this week, to give you all an in depth look at how it all works and what Valcato has to offer. I found that there’s no-one better to talk about this with, than […]