We all love to travel and with so many places so accessible these days, it’s never been easier to live your life in another country. If you happen to find yourself overseas and planning an event, your choice of entertainment is just as important here as it would be when planning an event in your home country. 

With the right knowledge, finding entertainment that will enthuse, amuse and inspire is simple, even when partying across the border. Read on to discover our top tips for hiring a band abroad.

Select the right agency

Rather than taking on the task of sourcing professional entertainment blind, don’t be afraid to get a helping hand from an agency. Entertainment agents provide access to the very best acts out there right now, and you’re certain to find a reputable agent whatever country you’re holidaying in or temporarily calling home.

Do your research

The world wide web is an easy route to sourcing agents that have the acts and the reputation to do your event justice. Do your research by asking for recommendations and reading reviews before taking them and one of their acts up on their offer. 

The best entertainment agents have their acts displayed transparently on their websites. From here you can find out more about what each act can offer and even see them in action courtesy of clips of their performances. By putting in the research, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting on the night.

Book with confidence

Entertainment agents may have a responsibility to look after their acts. But they also have a commitment to you to ensure the people they represent deliver all you expect. A way agents ensure both parties are happy is by getting a contract signed prior to your scheduled event. 

Before signing a contract, be sure to read the fine print. You should be clear on exactly what you’re signing up for. Make sure the contract explains every last detail, including:

  • How the band will be getting to your event
  • Whether the necessary sound equipment will be provided 
  • Which stage equipment will the band be bringing
  • How long the band will play for
  • Any special requests and requirements as stipulated by you or the band
  • How much the band will charge and when payment is expected

If you’re not clear on any of the areas mentioned above, ask for clarification. The agent will want your event to run smoothly with zero hiccups just as much as you do.

Beware of the hidden extras

If you are looking to hire a band that has to travel to perform at your event, beware of the hidden costs. As in the UK, bands travelling a distance may expect you to cover various expenses outside of the performance fee documented on the agent’s website or in the contract. Fuel costs, accommodation, and food and drink during their stay are all extras that you should look out for and expect to foot the bill for. 

Should your chosen band have to travel internationally to join you for your event, you may also be expected to pay for their return flights, airport parking, fuel, transfer costs, and any additional expenses that may be incurred during their stay. You may also have to provide expensive or difficult to transport equipment, such as PA systems, guitar amps and drum kits.

By using a good agent, you can ensure the band you choose are all you need to rock your event. Make hiring a band abroad an experience worth remembering – for all the right reasons!