Whatever its size or niche, every brand has a story to tell. Getting your tale to all the right people using all the right words however isn’t easy. These days there are many methods you can explore both online and off when showcasing your business and its wares to your target audience. The use of multimedia has exploded in recent years. Video marketing in particular has become the way to market brands, and 2019 is shaping up to be no different.

According to this HubSpot Research report, over half of all consumers want to see videos from the brands that they spend their hard-earned cash with. Video is now the preferred form of content and, when done right, offers a conversational, actionable and measurable way to reach customers. As with any marketing must, there are several strategies you can explore when making use of video marketing. The explainer video is one such strategy. Here we explain the explainer so you can show off your business and boost its presence in your respective market sector.

What is an explainer video?

As its name suggests an explainer video is a short and simple video that explains a specific idea, ethos or product/service that’s associated with a brand. The best explainer videos are designed to answer a question to meet a target audience’s needs. They’re also produced to the highest quality so a question can be answered in the best way possible.

Explainer videos can be used to respond to and resolve a variety of queries. They are however often of an informative and educational nature to explain what a company provides, what problem an organisation can solve, or how a specific product or service can help.

Why should you produce an explainer video?

An explainer video unlocks a variety of benefits for brands at all stages and serving a multitude of industry sectors. It is most of all a powerful, easy and cost effective way to show off your business. Telling your story well with an explainer video can lead to increased conversion rates, better visibility in the search results and greater return on investment. An explainer video can extend your reach in other ways too, providing an easy to share way to shout louder and that bit further about your brand.

Explainer videos offer a way to clearly answer a question on your customer base’s lips. Explainer videos aren’t just a tool to sell the products or services that keep your business afloat. The execution of your video is another way to show off just how creative you can be as a brand. Your video’s imagery, theme, colour scheme, soundtrack and script all provide inspiration that captures your personality, expresses your story and connects with an audience.

How can you create the best explainer for your brand?

Explainer videos have to deliver on a number of levels to help brands harness the advantages mentioned above. Most importantly your explainer video has to be memorable. Visual content marketing is much more memorable than any other form of content marketing but you can’t just rely on that to ensure an audience absorbs everything your video has to offer. If planned, produced and distributed in the right way, your explainer has the power to make you stand out from your competition and brings no-end of exposure.

Keeping your video on brand, whatever problem it aims to solve is the key. The story behind the words and images should also be told effectively, providing a relatable way to establish a deeper and more meaningful connection.